Finding a job in dairy farming

Demand is high for committed go-getters to join New Zealand’s dairy sector

Finding a job in dairy farming

Tips for finding employment

Employers are looking for people committed to creating a brighter future for themselves by living and working in our largest industry.

Put yourself at the front of the queue by following the tips below.

Get your CV ready

Making sure you have a current CV is key for your dairy farming job search.

See how to write a good CV and cover letter ➔

Ensure your CV outlines your skills and experience and highlights the skills that transfer to a dairy farming position.

Where to find a farm job
Go for a dairy lifestyle

Where to find a farm job

There are dairy farms all over New Zealand, so narrowing down where you want to work and live is a great step in starting your journey.

Most dairy farming jobs are now advertised online:

Farm Source Jobs ➔

TradeMe Jobs ➔

NZ Dairy Jobs ➔

You could show you’re keen and motivated by proactively communicating that you’re looking for work on a dairy farm on your social media platforms. You might be surprised how far dairy farming reaches into New Zealand society!

Dairy farm job interviews

A job interview on a dairy farm can be more practical than in other industries.

Make sure you turn up on time, dress appropriately and include gumboots as you’ll probably be taken out on farm.

Most importantly be prepared – ask relevant questions and rehearse answers to potential questions about your skills and experience.

Some things to ask about

  • Roster flexibility
  • Expected hours of work
  • Cell phone reception and internet speed

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