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Where no two days are the same

Living rurally on a dairy farm

A day on the farm

You don’t need specific training to work on a farm, but you do need a great attitude. Get stuck in with early starts and early knockoffs, all while enjoying an office view of the great outdoors.

From milking cows and managing their nutrition to caring for the land and maintaining equipment, each day brings something different. You might find yourself driving a tractor, monitoring cow health, or even experimenting with new farming techniques.

Your tasks will change day-to-day and season-to-season. Some periods are more demanding than others, but if you’re keen to have a crack, there’s always something new to learn.


You’ll work within a supportive community to share knowledge, exchange ideas, and help each other solve challenges. From lending a hand during busy seasons to learning from experienced mentors, teamwork is at the heart of the dairy sector. Building strong relationships and supporting each other makes the entire farming process more rewarding.

Pathways for progression

Dairy farming lets you learn and develop skills, expand your responsibilities and choose your own adventure to build a rewarding career. It’s a continual journey of growth full of lots of opportunities for personal and professional advancement.

Training options range from short, practical on-farm learning to more traditional, classroom-based qualifications. Learning while you earn is a great way to expand your knowledge, gain qualifications and advance your career. As you gain experience, you can explore leadership roles or work towards owning your own farm.

Will Green’s story

In dairy farming, every day brings a fresh adventure. From caring for the cows to working as a team to keep things running smoothly, there’s always something to learn or improve. The best bit? You can quickly rise through the ranks to make your mark. Here’s how Will did it.

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