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Demand is high for committed go-getters to join New Zealand’s dairy sector. You don’t need any qualifications or special training to work on the farm. What counts is a can-do attitude, a strong work ethic and a commitment to showing up for yourself, the farm and the team.

Finding a job in dairy farming

Where to find a farm job

New Zealand is full of dairy farms, so narrowing down where you want to live and work is a great first step.

Most dairy farming jobs are advertised online.

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Create a free jobseeker profile on Farm Source Jobs and get the job alerts to come to you.
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Set up your search criteria at TradeMe Jobs and they’ll recommend relevant opportunities.
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Seek gives you the option to receive alerts when new jobs matching your credentials are advertised.
Where to find a farm job

Channel the power of your social networks by sharing that you’re looking for work on a dairy farm. You might be surprised by where your connections lead you!

Tips for kick starting your career

Employers across the New Zealand dairy sector are actively looking for people committed to building a bright future. Here’s how to get their attention.

Level up your CV

Your CV is your first chance to make a great impression. Make sure it’s up to date and relevant to the role you’re applying for.

Go for a dairy lifestyle

Ace your interview

Dairy farm job interviews can be more practical than in other sectors. Make sure you turn up on time, dress appropriately and bring gumboots, as you’ll probably be taken out on the farm. 

Most importantly, be ready to put your best foot forward. Practice answers to potential questions about your skills and experience and prepare a few questions that show your interest in the role.

Some things to ask about

  • Roster flexibility
  • Expected hours of work
  • Cell phone reception and internet speed

Go for the role made for you

Challenge yourself, stay fit and develop hands-on skills that are highly transferable across New Zealand’s largest sector.

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